Chris Jones CAPS presentation

Do you need a high impact, motivational keynote speaker or workshop? We would love to help you out!

Chris has tons of experience doing both. Over the past 20+ years, Chris has honed his skills as an entrepreneur and stepped in lots of potholes along the way. He isn’t afraid to share the lessons learned from those experiences either. His passionate, yet experienced approach creates lots of value and entertainment for any listener that is keen to grow professionally or personally.

Workshops include:
  • Get a Grip on Your Business: Overview of EOS™ and the Tools
  • How to Solve Your Biggest Problems: EOS™ People Workshop
Keynote Speaker:
  • Raising the Titanic: How to Save Your Business or Your Life from Near Disaster
  • Lessons Learned Battling Giants
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Erin Kelly

Chris Jones was one of the main speakers at and he captivated the crowd. His ability to engage the audience by a slow reveal of his personal story intertwined with his exceptional business knowledge left the audience with clearly defined best practices they could implement immediately. He is genuine, interactive, and because his results speak for themselves, he is authentic and perfectly self-effacing without the usual grandstanding that so many motivational speakers employ. Chris has real-life experience and a proven track record that he is happy to share so that his audience can grow professionally and personally.

UPCOMING Workshops / Events:

Ignite Your Business for Growth – Energy Insights Series


Business Growth - Energy Insights Series

PAST Workshops / Events:

Chris Jones ATB presentation

EOS Traction Day: A Leadership Team Event
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Wednesday, January 17, 2018 | 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Calgary, AB
CLOSED EVENT for Entrepreneurs’ Organization Members

Entrepreneurs often have a vision for their companies, but struggle to make that vision a reality. EO Calgary Sponsor, Strategic Traction, and Certified EOS™ Implementer Chris Jones, will facilitate a high-value, full-day workshop using proven EOS™ (Entrepreneur Operating System) tools to help you clarify, simplify, and achieve your vision for 2018.

Most organizations are only operating at 20% to 40% of their true capacity.  Learn how you can raise your company’s health to over 80% and keep it there forever! Either you have an optimized system and follow it, or you are essentially “winging it” as you go along.  Companies that use an operating system report higher profits, lower turnover, faster growth, more consistency, and they have more fun. 

Chris will show you a simple, holistic way to operate your organization so you can consistently gain traction, break through your current ceiling and make it to the next stage of your business. Attendees will leave this with a new understanding of how a business operating system is used, how it benefits them, their company, and their customers. 

This full-day workshop is highly recommended for senior leadership teams, not just visionary, entrepreneurial leaders. Book the day with your leadership team and get on the same page with your strategic plan for 2018.

Australian Institute of Business, Student & Alumni Event
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Friday, October 27, 2017 | Calgary, AB
For AIB Students & Alumni

Turning Passion Into Reality – Lessons Learned From a Battle-scarred Entrepreneur

CAPS Super Saturday
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Saturday, September 16, 2017 | Calgary, AB

Shifting Passion into Reality Chris will share the key components of the “Entrepreneurial Operating System” (EOS) to implement into your speaking business. Outcomes include clarity of focus and confidence to take your business to the next level. Chris implemented EOS into his business model with outstanding results. Chris is keen to share his proven techniques with his fellow CAPS members. Chris believes it’s all about “being better, every day.” He will help us with that as he shares “Shifting Speaking Passion to Speaking Reality”.

Get a GRIP on Your Business
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Wednesday, August 23, 2017 | Calgary, AB

Are you the owner, leader or manager of an entrepreneurial organization who wants to see your business consistently run better and grow faster? Chris Jones and the Entrepreneurial Operating System™ can help you and your teams simplify, clarify and achieve your vision.

In this dynamic mini-workshop, Chris will introduce you to the six ingredients common to all successful businesses. He’ll show a set of simple, practical tools you and your leadership team can begin using right away to get better results.

The workshop is designed for growth-focused, open-minded entrepreneurs, CEOs, executive managers and business leaders from companies of 5-250 employees.

Innovation Rodeo 
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Join me at InnovationRodeo on July 12, 2017  when, as the lunch keynote speaker, I will lead participants through the process of how to grow faster by putting an Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) in their company. 


“Chris Jones offered an energetic and passionate keynote to our CAPS Calgary membership. He provides an effective framework with his EOS Model by encouraging others to manifest their vision into reality.”

Tina Varughese
Chapter President 2017
Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS), Calgary Chapter

Chris was one of the most impactful speakers we’ve ever worked with and we highly recommend him as a speaker, trainer, seminar leader or workshop facilitator.

Erin Skye Kelly
2x Best-Selling Business Author
Canada’s Leading Authority on Goal-Setting and Achievement