Chris Jones

Chris Jones

Entrepreneurship is a major passion for Chris Jones as he finds it an incredibly rewarding journey. He founded Entrix Sports more than 20 years ago while completing his BComm at the University of Calgary by inventing a football glove for receivers. He has since led a great team in transforming Entrix Sports into a highly respected Canadian sporting goods distributor that has built 3 brands to #1 market share in Canada.

He came across EOS™ when he was preparing for the largest growth year in the history of the company. He knew the business needed a great system to help him ‘get above’ the company and make it less about him. EOS™ was that system and it helped Entrix create incredible clarity, simplicity and execution throughout the company.

The EOS™ model has helped free Chris’s time to pursue his passion of helping other entrepreneurs get what they want from their businesses. Chris is passionate about helping other business owners experience the same freedom that he experienced as a business owner: The freedom to live the life that they’ve always wanted. Whether that is building a large corporation, or working less and being able to spend more time with family and friends, Chris wants to help entrepreneurs find freedom.

He has been married for 20 years (to the same person) and has two amazing boys. He loves to coach in the sports world too, having coached 9 different sports. He is an avid athlete and loves running, skiing, hiking, football and cycling.

Peter Zyla

Peter Zyla

Peter has spent his entire career at the leadership table of many high growth, dynamic, entrepreneurial organizations.

Usually wearing a strategy and operations hat, Peter has contributed to the success and growth of such companies as UltraVision (health care), the Forzani Group (retail), Divestco (energy services) and Forbes Bros. (construction). Peter has fought through recessions and austerity measures, navigated insane growth, crafted strategies in complex industries and spearheaded initiatives in new markets. In addition, Peter has designed and instructed numerous business and entrepreneurial courses for Mount Royal University, Haskayne School of Business and many private companies.

Peter possesses an MBA in Entrepreneurship from the Haskayne School of business. He currently devotes his energy to helping entrepreneurs and innovators achieve this vision as an independent consultant, EOS Implementer and through specialized workshops.

Linda Maslechko

A passionate and empathetic entrepreneur, Linda has a successful track record of building niche brands in apparel, financial products and services, as well as non-profit projects in education, sports and the arts. As the visionary founder of Triple Flip, a pre-teen girls clothing brand, Linda navigated extreme growth from start-up to becoming a nationally acclaimed, multi-channel brand, and tackled the challenges and difficult decisions that come with leading a company through periods of economic duress and uncertainty.

Linda was awarded the E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year Award and over the length of her career, has been a business thought leader and public speaker, active in mentoring students and inspiring other entrepreneurs. In her coaching and consulting practice, Linda brings a unique trifecta of training in EOS implementation and NLP methods of coaching communication and human performance, along with boots-on-the-ground experience as an entrepreneur, to help leadership teams achieve their goals.

An athlete and entrepreneur from a young age, Linda has three self-sufficient daughters and her original husband, with whom she enjoys daily hot yoga, travel to fun places and dancing like crazy.

Lesley Johnston

Lesley Johnston

With 30+ year’s experience in professional office executive assistant positions and a track record of strong performance in high-volume, high-pressure environments, Lesley skillfully manages administrative duties and client relations for the Strategic Traction Team.

Originally from Ontario, Lesley graduated from McMaster University with a Combined Honors BA. When her daughter moved to England to pursue her career, Lesley headed West to Vancouver where she now calls home.

In addition to her duties as an Executive Assistant, Lesley is also active in her community volunteering and enjoying all the outdoor activities that BC has to offer.

Sarah Ellis

In every day life Sarah is best known for her humor and get it done attitude. After growing up in the entertainment industry, then spending years spent in oil and gas management. Sarah took on a new challenge marketing, client services, business development and project management for small to medium business owners. This journey lead her to Chris and the team at Strategic Traction.

Her strengths include cost control, change management, communications, and vendor relations. Her passions include facilitating discussion, problem solving, thinking outside the box, finding a better way, and execution phases. This unique coupling combined with her background, education and experience helped her fit right in with the team and the clients.