Chris Jones

Certified EOS Implementer

Chris Jones

Chris Jones is a high-energy, entrepreneur that thrives on navigating growth. Not only has he successfully grown his own businesses, he has helped others do the same. For Chris, it’s all about being better every day. He loves helping people through powerful, game-changing transformation that builds a better business and ultimately, a better life.

He has a proven track record, founding 3 successful companies. The largest, founded in 1995, started when he invented a football receiver’s glove. He led that company into building 4 brands to #1 market share in Canada. He has lots of wild success stories and many valuable battle scars from his experience there. He implemented EOS in his own company to help him scale the business and achieve freedom to pursue his passion for coaching. The result? The business grew 7 times in revenue and he transitioned from working full time to only 3 hours per month in that business.

He has since sold the sporting goods company. Now he spends all his time helping leadership teams navigate their path to success. He has now helped more than 35 organizations implement EOS and facilitated more than 240 full-day sessions. Chris would be happy to chat with your team about how it might change your lives.

Lorna Brown - Strategic Traction

Executive Assistant

Lorna Brown

Lorna has over 30 years of corporate experience comprised of executive and senior-level support, management, HR and recruiting. Her persistence and curiosity enabled her to meet challenges to build a career playing key roles in a multitude of projects, domestic and international. She brings significant earned knowledge to the Strategic Traction team in managing administrative duties and client relations.

Lorna is an avid gardener with her rose entries winning ribbons and prizes in local competitions. Most days will also find her on a ramble with her four-legged pal and co-conspirator.