I have learned through my own life and working with hundreds of entrepreneurs, that if we ask ourselves this one question, it can transform our life and business: Where do I get my energy from?

The answer can be a real game changer if you answer honestly, take the time to examine what it really means for you and then act upon your findings. If you figure this out, you will unlock something very powerful.

For me, it changed my life. I followed my energy and discovered my Sweet Spot – that place where I am doing my best work and loving every minute of it. I’d like to share what I’ve learned with you so that it might help others.

How My Energy Helped Me Find My Sweet Spot

I discovered years ago that I really enjoy helping others get to the next level. I could walk into a meeting dead tired, but walk out of it flying high on the feeling. This activity gave me energy. So, what was it? I was helping entrepreneurs solve problems and there was magic in that process for me, so how did I unlock it?

I had to explore. I seemed to be helping people, but was I good at it? Could I do this for a living? I thought it would be fun and rewarding, but I didn’t have any formal training. I knew I had gaps, so I set about finding training and learning opportunities and pursued volunteer activities into that area.

Then one day I woke up and just knew it was time to leave my active role in Entrix Sports after 19 years. I was comfortable there, maybe too comfortable. I needed a new challenge. I just didn’t feel I was quite ready to become a coach full time. I also knew I would never truly feel ready, so I had better take the next step. I had to leap.

But where to leap? I had implemented EOS™ in my own company and it was a game-changer for Entrix. We grew our revenue by 7x. EOS™ made our lives so much simpler and focused. I was therefore very passionate about EOS™ and knew I could help others in a big way by teaching them how to use it. I knew this was where I could do my best work. I was really following my instincts, listening to my energy.

So I took the leap and started Strategic Traction to help other companies implement EOS™. I committed every fiber of my being to make this happen.

Fast forward 2 1/2 years. I am fully out of my active role at Entrix, but still own it. Working only 3 hours per month in that company. Now I am fully focused on Strategic Traction. I am creating so much value in the world around me, having so much fun. I continue to get immense amounts of energy helping companies create powerful transformation and it is impacting their lives. Pinch me – I get paid to do this?!

All the lessons I learned about myself over the years came together and pointed me in this direction.This rewarding journey is lifting everyone around me and it’s a been a very powerful experience. I’m extremely grateful to have traveled this road.

So what can you do?

Having found my Sweet Spot, I am eager to help others find theirs. So how do you discover your own Sweet Spot? Asked it of yourself, ask it of your team-mates, those around you: Where do they get their energy from? How can you help them find a role that fits their Sweet Spot?

As a leader, it’s a leap of faith to ask this of your people. They may discover they need a change and that’s a scary proposition – I get it. But imagine a space where everyone is operating in their Sweet Spot? What is the energy level of the people in that room? How much more are they producing? What kind of impact are they creating in the world? There’s not a lot of limits for companies in that situation.

I hope sharing this story helped you think on a different level than before. I know that if you and those around you can figure this out, we will live in a better place. Happier companies, communities, and homes.  Wouldn’t this be a great thing?

Chris Jones,  Strategic Traction

Tips For Finding Your Sweet Spot

Having found my Sweet Spot, I am eager to help you find yours. So how do you discover your own Sweet Spot? Here are 3 resources that can help you learn more about yourself so you can find the answer.

Where do you get YOUR energy?

Discovering where you get your energy is a great clue to finding your Sweet Spot in your work and life. Take time to write down your answers and then see if any patterns appear that help you be more aware of your energy. Click here for a list of questions to help you discover where you get your energy, click here.

Explore the Sweet Spot FiltreSweet Spot Filter

Intuitively, I merged these 4 key components of finding your Sweet Spot:

  • What you Love
  • What you’re good at
  • What the world needs
  • What people will pay for

Where all 4 overlap is your Sweet Spot.

Discover Your Unique Ability

When you are being your true, authentic self, what were you born to do? Dan Sullivan calls the Sweet Spot your Unique Ability. Dan offers a great resource for deep diving into your natural abilities. Check out his process to discover yours.


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