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COMPONENT 1: Strengthen your vision
Get everyone in your organization on board with the company vision so that they know where you are going and how they play a key role in getting there.

COMPONENT 2: Structure Your People
Set up a system to surround yourself with good people from the top to bottom of your organization.

COMPONENT 3: Examine Your Data
Cut through all the noise and get a pulse on your business by getting a clear picture of the data that is driving your business.

COMPONENT 4: Deal with Issues
Put a process in place to deal with problems that arise in your business so that you can deal with them and make them go away forever.

COMPONENT 5: Systemize your Processes
Create consistency and scalability in your business by putting processes in place and getting all of your employees implementing them at every level of the organization.

COMPONENT 6: Get Traction
Bring accountability into your business to make sure that the company vision is being executed throughout the organization.

The EOS Model
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Who Uses EOS

Entrepreneur Icon


You started your business with a vision and want to make sure that vision stays headed in the right direction.

Manager Icon


As a leader in your company, you want a team that works together to accomplish the company’s mission.

Owner Icon


You want your business to be able to grow and thrive even if you aren’t calling every shot, so you need a team that is fully committed to the goals of the business.

What Our Clients Say

Wendy Coombs

We have had great success implementing EOS™ while working with Chris and the team at Strategic Traction. He provided a new voice in that room that wasn’t mine. Our top 3 major benefits of working with Chris:

  • Scalability – our business doubled in size. We couldn’t have grown as quickly without Chris and EOS™.
  • Our ability to bring on new leadership is significantly faster and easier. New management hits the ground running when they join our team.
  • Everyone actively participates in the generation of solutions and innovation. Everyone has a voice which ensures by-in and engagement in change.

I highly recommend working with Chris, it has been amazing for us!

Wendy Coombs, Momentum Health, Evidence Sport & Spine, Innovative Sport Medicine, CEO & Founder
Jeff Nielsen

Chris has provided us with EOS™ guidance and expertise that has truly taken us to the next level. Our meetings are much more efficient and productive. We hold each other accountable which has made us a stronger team. We find we are completing our weekly to-do lists and rocks before the deadlines rather than scrambling to complete them just in time. I really feel we have grown so much such we began working with Chris. I believe the investment is worth it and really value his advice and input.

Jeff Nielsen, Nutrisource Inc.
Carla Davidson

Chris gave a workshop on the EOS™ system for myself and some colleagues. The tools we discussed were clear, disarmingly simple, and something we could immediately implement. It’s so refreshing to talk about business and get advice that’s actionable and really cuts through to the heart of issues. We were all left with renewed energy and focus. Chris’ generosity, honesty, humour and experience make him a fantastic coach. I can’t recommend his services too highly.

Stan Higgins

“Chris is a highly engaging speaker/entrepreneur who delivers big results in a workshop setting. His real-life experience on the front line helps him deliver real value to business leaders and their teams.”

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