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Chris has tons of experience doing both. Over the past 20+ years, Chris has honed his skills as an entrepreneur and stepped in lots of potholes along the way. He isn’t afraid to share the lessons learned from those experiences either. His passionate, yet experienced approach creates lots of value and entertainment for any listener that is keen to grow professionally or personally.

Workshops include:

  • Get a Grip on Your Business: Overview of EOS™ and the Tools

  • Rocket Fuel, how to clarify, crystallize and maximize your Visionary, Integrator relationship

  • How to be a Great Boss, Not an A-hole.

Keynote Speaker:

  • Raising the Titanic: How to Save Your Business or Your Life from Near Disaster

  • Bringing Passion to Reality

  • Get a Grip on Your Business


  • EO Winnipeg – Rocket Fuel, Rating: 9.3

  • “Excellent timing to drive home the clarity I needed about my role versus the integrator role.”
  • “Valuable presentation.”
  • EO Winnipeg – Get a Grip on Your Business, Rating: 9.6

  • “This was high value, we need reminders of this every few years.”
  • “Relevant content and tangible action items.”

Watch & Learn More:

Chris Jones - Unlock Explosive Growth with Two at the Top
Chris Jones – Unlock Explosive Growth with Two at the Top

Many famously successful companies have two leaders at the helm. One is a visionary, and one an integrator. This potent combination can unlock explosive growth.