When was the last time you crushed a critical goal or landed a big deal? Did you stop and celebrate or just say, “What’s next?”

From what I’ve seen, entrepreneurs often suck at celebrating. We skip this important step and charge on to our next big goal.

My 10-year-old son knows how to celebrate. Recently he won at Monopoly and what did he do? He threw all his money in the air and rolled around in it on the floor. It was pure joy and fun at its best.

So, why aren’t we good at this? Maybe it’s because we’re moving too fast, too busy looking forward and we aren’t living in the moment. I know I’ve struggled with this in the past.

When we are always on the treadmill rapidly moving from one goal to the next, it’s exhausting for everyone involved plus it effectively diminishes each successive win. Instead, let’s take a moment to pause when we have something to celebrate… reflect upon our journey and be grateful for how far we’ve come. Embrace the present moment for all it’s worth and recognize the good stuff happening right now and how that feels.

No, we don’t have to make it rain with money for the celebration to be effective, just make it real. Real convos, real feelings, real appreciation. What you choose to do needs to fit with your culture but stop and celebrate in some form. Embrace the moment, recognize those that contributed and have some fun!

What can you celebrate today?

Next Steps:

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