“The unique talent that I bring to my business is my ability to manage my calendar and email,” said no leader ever.

Often, leaders get anchored doing things like scheduling and email so hours in our day vanish with little or no benefit to the company. I’m not sure why we get trapped doing things like this, but it’s common. This work could be done by someone else without harming our business.

One of the best hires I ever made was hiring a part-time assistant. Not only did it save me time, but allowed me to focus on my gifts.

In EOS we use The Assistance Track™ to help entrepreneurs refocus how they use their time. A large part of this involves handing off the work to someone else who is best suited to do the work. Two big components that EOS recommends be delegated are your email and your schedule.

Wouldn’t we be better off delegating these tasks thereby freeing us up to create something of enormous value for the company?

For example, let’s propose you’re paying someone $30/hour, but it frees you up to use your time to work on things that generate $300/hr in value for your company. That’s a 10x multiplier!

I did and it was game-changing for me. I recognize that this type of work was not in my Sweet Spot. The cost was far more than the hours. It cost me significant energy because these were Suck Bucket tasks for me. Now I focus my time doing work that is in my Sweet Spot, leveraging my talents and my business has grown substantially as a result.  

If you want to get great results from this role, get crystal clear on what you need them to execute. Then go find the person that was born to do that role. They also need to be the right person, matching up with your company’s Core Values. (For more on this read this.)

A pinch of self-awareness will go a long way. You need to know yourself first. Understand the way that you work best: your strengths, your style, your weaknesses. Then find someone who compliments you. Working with an assistant involves letting go and understanding what your assistant needs from you in order to efficiently complete tasks. It is a two-way street.

To further explain this, I’ve asked Lindy Rock, owner of Rock Solid Administration, to share her expertise and experience so that you can best prepare to work with an assistant. To simplify things, we’ve asked Lindy to focus on email and schedule challenges.

Thanks, Lindy, for putting this video together. Hopefully, it gives you a tangible roadmap for effectively working with an assistant.

So, what are those tasks that are sucking the energy out of you, anchoring you to the ground? What could you delegate in order to free up your time for 10x-type work? The right assistant can change the game for you, it did for me.

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