As entrepreneurs, we may find ourselves feeling isolated, living and working on the lonely Island of Entrepreneurship. We are the visionaries and leaders in our businesses, which makes for some unique situations that others might not understand. What can we, as entrepreneurs, do to get off the lonely Entrepreneurship Island?

Employees or even spouses (no matter how amazing and supportive they are) may not be able to help us. They do their best, but sometimes, they can’t relate and we’re left wanting more. Ultimately, we need a community of peers who have walked in our shoes. One that will understand where we’re coming from in order to support us and challenge us on a completely different level.

How do we find a community where we can connect and grow so we’re better able to succeed and even excel in both business and life?

Lucky for us, in Canada, a number of organizations exist that bring entrepreneurs and business leaders together so that they can share ideas, wisdom, and knowledge. Organizations like the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), Mackay CEO Forums, TEC Canada, and others work to build community.

[Side note: The Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), should not be confused with EOS (The Entrepreneur Operating System).  EO is the organization, EOS is the system.]

Let’s talk about EO today.

For me, EO has been the greatest gift. I’ve been an active member for almost 11 years, so I want to share with you a bit about my experience and what EO has to offer to my fellow entrepreneurs. I can only scratch the surface of the value of EO to keep it to a 5-minute read. To focus this post, I’m keeping it to the top takeaways.

Access to Top Thought Leaders

In EO, we have the benefit of listening to many incredible, high-profile speakers that have “put the puck in the net,” who have honed their craft and been successful. They are highly paid and sought-after speakers that we can learn from and leverage their learnings into our own businesses and lives. It’s an incredible opportunity to hear famous people like Richard Branson or Gene Simmons speak. But not to be overlooked are the relatively unknown speakers like Warren Rustand who can change your life in one speech. This gift of being exposed to thought leaders has expanded my mind and challenged my way of thinking in order for me to grow in ways I never even considered. More on that in a moment.

Trusted Community

While high-profile speakers will spark ideas, to truly get off the lonely Entrepreneurship Island, we must regularly connect with entrepreneurs face-to-face. Then we can build a foundation of trust and have REAL, deep, meaningful conversations about our fears, struggles, failures, and successes.

My local EO Calgary chapter gives me an entire community of entrepreneurs who are pushing boundaries, ever-keen to improve themselves and to make the people and the world around them better. Then there’s the mind-blowing, game-changer we call forum. The peer-to-peer sharing that takes place in forum is significant, sometimes even profound. To hear someone say, “I’ve never shared this with anyone, EVER” is quite an honour. It’s incredible to experience that depth of sharing and vulnerability. EO intentionally creates a high-trust environment that promotes this level of openness. I know I have learned from others’ generous sharing and changed course because of it.

What I’ve learned from this forum has often inspired me to find my next level. I’ve received love and support through difficult times, a nudge when I’ve been complacent, and a high-five when I’ve accomplished something amazing.  It’s created a trusted support group and sounding board for many of the biggest decisions I’ve made over the last 10 years.

And where has this all led me?

Finding My Passion & Making the Leap

You  may have heard me ask the question, “Where do you get your energy from?” Well, that comes from my EO forum experience. As I explored this concept over the years, really digging deep, I recognized the significant energy gain I received from helping others.

Once I was aware of this energy source, I began incorporating more of it into my life. I worked at developing my green talent, crafting it into credibility through practice. It ultimately led to a big decision for me: Do I make the leap to leave my old business and start a new venture helping others?

Since you are reading this blog, you know what the answer was: Strategic Traction. Now I live my passion through my business focused on transforming the lives of 400 leadership teams by 2027 by helping them implement EOS.

Ultimately, EO has given me a lot. If you choose to join, it will likely give you something completely different. It’s YOUR journey to embark on and your results to live. If EO isn’t for you, maybe one of the other great peer-to-peer organizations can get you off of Entrepreneurship Island. Bottom line, if you’re hungry to get yourself and your business to the next level, get out there. Get off the Island or better yet, buy the island and invite some really cool friends over!

Next Steps:

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